Pain play twist and turn

I never imagined myself , putting graph of words to frame my passion towards my writing , but by the grace of God and regardless help of my closed once , I was able to accomplish my dream of writing and bit of my loneliness ,expressing it within you , line by line as you go though my words .I never wanted my name to be recognized within the four walls of my thoughts and within my family .My feelings , anxiety , enthusiasm , loneliness , my observations , my crippling , crying, happiness , laughter , should all be expressed by the form of writing . So I started to write , as if I can at least help people suffering from all day struggle of here begin my story , part by part , line by line , para by para indeed page by page .As I was checking my Facebook page , I read a astonishing statement of a doctor of Syria , saying , I wish I could manufacture a medicine that can  heal all problem of hunger , suffer by Syria people , and that doctor started to cry by saying this word , it was really heart touching statement , we the people are so heart less that we are least bother of there pain and we tend to enjoy of life as if , nothing went wrong in our world , nor we will ever be victim of all that .Think today they are victim of tomorrow we will stand on same situation , so start carrying of others , time will care for you in your need