Priya rainy day

Rainy season remind me of you and your presence inhale within me , imagination , that you are present with me in my thoughts of life , I can’t define you who incomplete I am without you , your presence make me feel , stable physically and mentally , emotionally my love . Every drop of rain that touches my body make your absence more miserable , my body can not reach up to you but my mental twist of my imagination make me realize your presence , I feel you close to you , your heart beat can be heard to my heart beat , feel as if every rain drop that crosses my body is your presence that touches and make me realize you are mine and somewhere you also miss the raindrop falling .The music of silence lasted for longer period , my heart dancing with flow of music rhythm divine .The sky also loved to see the soul enjoying this flow of rain , and cloud be in our favour , pouring all rain upon us and sky being confused or messed in black clouds , everywhere darkness is spread , no one around us as if whole universe is cherishing our romance , the distance between you and my heart can never be apart .

Not possible to express it in words , hard enough that I can’t say .Rain drop sliding down my cheeks I am missing you the most in rainy day


Published by

Priya Tiwari

My writing is my passion towards , expressing my feeling and considering it my best friend forever

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