Priya feeling

Tonight , in the dark of shade , stars twinkling , noon spreading lame light , I was sitting in my room , thought wondering in speed of train , my emptiness , my loneliness , are hollowing me inside my heart and soul . How come a person apparently changes , the love that I dreamt , the words of him spread like fragrance of flower , revolving inside my ear . There are certain things in world which is belong our control , like marriage of two soul turning into one soul , birth of a child , and therefore death of a person .I indeed fell in love with a boy , things moved smooth , everything was in platform , days for marriage was rolling closer ,and hardly few days were left . But as we all know life sometime made us paid for someone deal and we become victim of no reason , the same situation happened to me , at the last of the edge of marriage he decided to switch on to someone new set of choice and left me for no reason throw to me .It hurts when heart break , it hurts when sorrow become a part of life lessons , moreover it hurts more when someone leaves you without any reason given to you . Perhaps my dad often say me one thing , when the whole universe is busy conducting conducting there respective job , then why should human being cripple , or regret of something not received by him or her , do your work as rest of one does .


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Priya Tiwari

My writing is my passion towards , expressing my feeling and considering it my best friend forever

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