Priya tiwari

Why is feeling of love can not be define in words ?? Why is this feeling make us so special in our own eye ??? Why is it so we feel to care for ourselves , and feel whole surrounding so beautifully mounded and every air we breath become a part of joy .Love too wonders to frame it’s category . I too have experienced this wonderful observation within my heart and soul , inexplicable , feelings never to come out of the world of imagination and feel like to be clutch of love and affection stick within four walls of love .

Every moment was special for me spending in togetherness , thinking and spilling that we both loved each other .Night turning into mid night and mid night turning into early morning time flies in talking all kinds of talk .Waving each other good night early in morning .my vicissitude of  life changes when one fine time we decided to shift our location for higher studies , thinks changes , par of life get more advance , but deep inside my heart that winter that year , that timing keep on revolving .Love has a flip side of missing , missing becomes a part of life , missing that kiss , missing that hug , missing  mysterious stuff done together , missing you from core of my heart , missing that promises made together , missing to hear that word to spend rest of life spending together .Life is transient , so do love . So feeling of love is itself so speechless , that my words can not incoherent with my acquaintance for my self observation .


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Priya Tiwari

My writing is my passion towards , expressing my feeling and considering it my best friend forever

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