Priya Tiwari

Why do human being , procrastinate  age as a barrier ? Why is it so , that our ancestors built  a bridge of myth based on age ? In proportionate of education , job , and marriage . Why do we say everything should be on time or at proper age ??? Age should not exceed more than 30 for government job , again here comes the age , A child should start basic education at age of 3 , again same issue age , perhaps one of the biggest blessings  or say marriage , is also based on age , for marriage age should not exceed 28 .Limitation for age is fixed in our society and in case if we cross that limitations we became fragile .our life is completely vulnerable when it comes to age . With the flow of time our age also tend to cross all our it’s final stage of so called boundaries . They is a girl in my colony she has crossed her age of marriage and now she is 28 years old , people do speak all shorts of stories about her , it is all because she has crossed her age of marriage . now she is not of marriage material . such a nostalgic experience . Is that so if a person crosses a certain age of prerequisite is of no use . people have authenticed , merit , ability , certainty , are all based on age .

If we cross that age  fixed by ,we became useless , such an undaunted exasperation .


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Priya Tiwari

My writing is my passion towards , expressing my feeling and considering it my best friend forever

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