Animals are far more better than human

Animals are far more better than human being , very true said by our great philosophy personality . At least animals do not have mind to think of oneself , every now and then , perhaps they do not think to hurt , unnecessary . Let me share you one incidents which I have experienced and felt as if how come human being forget some good quality and it’s quantification at instance and break ones fragile of other people for own self help . perhaps people prerequisite others .  I went for training so called teachers training , as I was separated from my own friends and shifted to some other groups of girl , which I had to  tolerate the most , but as we all know life throw its part and herders of challenges so did happened to me .So I have to be with all stiffness ladies for complete one month  which I hated the most , indeed I was also with my one of my good friend Jyoti this was the plus point in my center , perhaps in our center there was also one of the boy , he was very good in many aspect , and bad in few phase , but overall he was good and one of Ladies in our center played  a prank on that boy and ruled that boy life .By way  of storing all mistake and noticing small and minor mistake ,done by him , they including me also , complained to our principal sir  and then our principal sir has suspended  him from college for 15 days .That boy often use to say Didi , but I was sorry for him . however this is human being nature which keeps on revolving as frigidity and forget everything that person has done for you .words exchange , lunch share , time wasted in exchanging talks and all shorts of gossip . And with time rolling opposite direction , every thing changed , prospect towards life changed , feeling converted into fragile , so why do we build our relationship based on fleeting rather we should learn from animals, to balance and maintain relationships which we build .To be loyal , honest , and free from fragile .


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Priya Tiwari

My writing is my passion towards , expressing my feeling and considering it my best friend forever

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