Life lesson

As , I was sitting in my room , busy collecting my thoughts , about Holi , the amount of preparation done on that particular day indeed it has be authenticated from centuries and Deccan , people visit to there known ones place , exchange love and forget and forgive infidelity among each other , and spread love segaciosly  . But for me this time Holi perhaps played a major lesson as a source of learning . This Holi for me was undaunted , obnoxious , exasperated for me , indeed no one turned up to our home as a Sprinkle of love , Twinkle of hopes , as I was waiting in my door step wanting my loved once to knock  our door , but no one did that , my whole preparation went waste , I was disappointed by the sudden change overthrow towards us . Anyway this was a life lessons that this Holi carried along with . People only worship , or care for you when you are on  peek of you life or higher by position otherwise no one care for no one , no one bothers , your hollowness , your pain , your sorrow , so this Holi brought a gift of lesson for me which will carry with me till the last breath , live your life as your part of dream to cherish , because no one will live your part , celebrate every festival as your festival vicariously . Life is a flow of time , wind is an episode played , as remembrance of good and bad . Never be sorry for others , never celebrate anything for others , do it for yourself , enjoy every second , every minute , every hour every day , every month , every year , these are priceless , but it is transient , so live life that is offer to you . Without bothering , without caring for others . This was perhaps the wonderful lesson for me .Rich and poor is a myth in our mind , do not fellow others , fellow your path .


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Priya Tiwari

My writing is my passion towards , expressing my feeling and considering it my best friend forever

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