Priya rainy day

Rainy season remind me of you and your presence inhale within me , imagination , that you are present with me in my thoughts of life , I can’t define you who incomplete I am without you , your presence make me feel , stable physically and mentally , emotionally my love . Every drop of rain that touches my body make your absence more miserable , my body can not reach up to you but my mental twist of my imagination make me realize your presence , I feel you close to you , your heart beat can be heard to my heart beat , feel as if every rain drop that crosses my body is your presence that touches and make me realize you are mine and somewhere you also miss the raindrop falling .The music of silence lasted for longer period , my heart dancing with flow of music rhythm divine .The sky also loved to see the soul enjoying this flow of rain , and cloud be in our favour , pouring all rain upon us and sky being confused or messed in black clouds , everywhere darkness is spread , no one around us as if whole universe is cherishing our romance , the distance between you and my heart can never be apart .

Not possible to express it in words , hard enough that I can’t say .Rain drop sliding down my cheeks I am missing you the most in rainy day


I wanted to fit my feelings into words

Priya feeling

Tonight , in the dark of shade , stars twinkling , noon spreading lame light , I was sitting in my room , thought wondering in speed of train , my emptiness , my loneliness , are hollowing me inside my heart and soul . How come a person apparently changes , the love that I dreamt , the words of him spread like fragrance of flower , revolving inside my ear . There are certain things in world which is belong our control , like marriage of two soul turning into one soul , birth of a child , and therefore death of a person .I indeed fell in love with a boy , things moved smooth , everything was in platform , days for marriage was rolling closer ,and hardly few days were left . But as we all know life sometime made us paid for someone deal and we become victim of no reason , the same situation happened to me , at the last of the edge of marriage he decided to switch on to someone new set of choice and left me for no reason throw to me .It hurts when heart break , it hurts when sorrow become a part of life lessons , moreover it hurts more when someone leaves you without any reason given to you . Perhaps my dad often say me one thing , when the whole universe is busy conducting conducting there respective job , then why should human being cripple , or regret of something not received by him or her , do your work as rest of one does .

Priya tiwari

Why is feeling of love can not be define in words ?? Why is this feeling make us so special in our own eye ??? Why is it so we feel to care for ourselves , and feel whole surrounding so beautifully mounded and every air we breath become a part of joy .Love too wonders to frame it’s category . I too have experienced this wonderful observation within my heart and soul , inexplicable , feelings never to come out of the world of imagination and feel like to be clutch of love and affection stick within four walls of love .

Every moment was special for me spending in togetherness , thinking and spilling that we both loved each other .Night turning into mid night and mid night turning into early morning time flies in talking all kinds of talk .Waving each other good night early in morning .my vicissitude of  life changes when one fine time we decided to shift our location for higher studies , thinks changes , par of life get more advance , but deep inside my heart that winter that year , that timing keep on revolving .Love has a flip side of missing , missing becomes a part of life , missing that kiss , missing that hug , missing  mysterious stuff done together , missing you from core of my heart , missing that promises made together , missing to hear that word to spend rest of life spending together .Life is transient , so do love . So feeling of love is itself so speechless , that my words can not incoherent with my acquaintance for my self observation .

Priya Tiwari

Why do human being , procrastinate  age as a barrier ? Why is it so , that our ancestors built  a bridge of myth based on age ? In proportionate of education , job , and marriage . Why do we say everything should be on time or at proper age ??? Age should not exceed more than 30 for government job , again here comes the age , A child should start basic education at age of 3 , again same issue age , perhaps one of the biggest blessings  or say marriage , is also based on age , for marriage age should not exceed 28 .Limitation for age is fixed in our society and in case if we cross that limitations we became fragile .our life is completely vulnerable when it comes to age . With the flow of time our age also tend to cross all our it’s final stage of so called boundaries . They is a girl in my colony she has crossed her age of marriage and now she is 28 years old , people do speak all shorts of stories about her , it is all because she has crossed her age of marriage . now she is not of marriage material . such a nostalgic experience . Is that so if a person crosses a certain age of prerequisite is of no use . people have authenticed , merit , ability , certainty , are all based on age .

If we cross that age  fixed by ,we became useless , such an undaunted exasperation .

Animals are far more better than human

Animals are far more better than human being , very true said by our great philosophy personality . At least animals do not have mind to think of oneself , every now and then , perhaps they do not think to hurt , unnecessary . Let me share you one incidents which I have experienced and felt as if how come human being forget some good quality and it’s quantification at instance and break ones fragile of other people for own self help . perhaps people prerequisite others .  I went for training so called teachers training , as I was separated from my own friends and shifted to some other groups of girl , which I had to  tolerate the most , but as we all know life throw its part and herders of challenges so did happened to me .So I have to be with all stiffness ladies for complete one month  which I hated the most , indeed I was also with my one of my good friend Jyoti this was the plus point in my center , perhaps in our center there was also one of the boy , he was very good in many aspect , and bad in few phase , but overall he was good and one of Ladies in our center played  a prank on that boy and ruled that boy life .By way  of storing all mistake and noticing small and minor mistake ,done by him , they including me also , complained to our principal sir  and then our principal sir has suspended  him from college for 15 days .That boy often use to say Didi , but I was sorry for him . however this is human being nature which keeps on revolving as frigidity and forget everything that person has done for you .words exchange , lunch share , time wasted in exchanging talks and all shorts of gossip . And with time rolling opposite direction , every thing changed , prospect towards life changed , feeling converted into fragile , so why do we build our relationship based on fleeting rather we should learn from animals, to balance and maintain relationships which we build .To be loyal , honest , and free from fragile .

Life lesson

As , I was sitting in my room , busy collecting my thoughts , about Holi , the amount of preparation done on that particular day indeed it has be authenticated from centuries and Deccan , people visit to there known ones place , exchange love and forget and forgive infidelity among each other , and spread love segaciosly  . But for me this time Holi perhaps played a major lesson as a source of learning . This Holi for me was undaunted , obnoxious , exasperated for me , indeed no one turned up to our home as a Sprinkle of love , Twinkle of hopes , as I was waiting in my door step wanting my loved once to knock  our door , but no one did that , my whole preparation went waste , I was disappointed by the sudden change overthrow towards us . Anyway this was a life lessons that this Holi carried along with . People only worship , or care for you when you are on  peek of you life or higher by position otherwise no one care for no one , no one bothers , your hollowness , your pain , your sorrow , so this Holi brought a gift of lesson for me which will carry with me till the last breath , live your life as your part of dream to cherish , because no one will live your part , celebrate every festival as your festival vicariously . Life is a flow of time , wind is an episode played , as remembrance of good and bad . Never be sorry for others , never celebrate anything for others , do it for yourself , enjoy every second , every minute , every hour every day , every month , every year , these are priceless , but it is transient , so live life that is offer to you . Without bothering , without caring for others . This was perhaps the wonderful lesson for me .Rich and poor is a myth in our mind , do not fellow others , fellow your path .